For the contactless payment to work, certain conditions must be met.

  1. Your teen need to make a first purchase using their PIN code.
  2. The contactless payment method needs to be activated.

To activate the contactless payment method:

  1. If applicable: Select the child whose contactless payment method you would like to activate. 
  2. Scroll to Manage.
  3. Click on Card
  4. Activate Contactless payments.

There are other reasons that can explain why the contactless payments don't work. Check the following list to see if one of these reasons apply to the situation.

  • The number of contactless payment in a row are attained.
  • The payment surpasses the spending limit you set for your teen.
  • The payment surpasses the maximum standard daily or weekly spending limit.
  • The terminal of the merchant may not support contactless payments.
  • You blocked the type of merchant where your child tries to pay.

If none of these reasons correspond to the case of your teen, don't hesitate to contact our Support Team.