When you open a Belgian account with a bank, the bank communicates directly with the FPS Economy and the National Bank of Belgium to send them information about your accounts. However, since at RISE you open a French account, this communication is not done directly. It is therefore up to you to inform the NBB and mention this in your tax return. Don't panic, this is easily done.

National Bank of Belgium

The reporting to the NBB is unique. You can go to their website, where you can undertake the communication via the internet application or in writing using the standardized forms.

https://www.nbb.be/fr/centrales-des-credits/point-de-contact-central/comptes-ouverts-letranger/modalites-pratiques-de or https://www.nbb.be/nl/kredietcentrales/centraal-aanspreekpunt/buitenlandse-rekeningen/praktische-modaliteiten-voor-de 

(links only available in French or Dutch)

You will need the following information:

  1. 3a = IBAN of your parent wallet
  2. 3b = Treezor SAS
  3. 3d = France
  4. 3e = (Year during which the account was opened)
  5. 3f = (date you closed the account, if applicable)
  6. 3g = not applicable
  7. 3c BIC code = TRZOFR21
  8. 3c address: not needed if BIC info entered

FPS Economy

You also need to pass on the information in your tax return every year. Make sure to adapt the simplified declaration proposal via MyMinfin or enter a manual declaration via paper. In both cases, you should check the box "1075-89" (part XIII ; A) and indicate the name and surname of the holder as well as the country where the account is opened.

Attention! ⚠️ This mention in your tax return has to be done every year.